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A Charter School Services Pioneer

ExED was an early leader in California’s charter school movement, working since 1998 to close the achievement gap and improve public education, primarily in disadvantaged communities. We are proud of our work with many of the state’s most accomplished charter schools, and remain energetically committed to the belief that children of all backgrounds deserve an excellent public education.

A Driving Force

ExED has helped drive the phenomenal growth of charter schools in California, especially in low-income areas, and believe in the promise and success of best-in-class providers. Much has been achieved, and even more potential lies ahead. Political and other hurdles can get in the way of charter schools’ growth and development, and we work hard to help clear the path for success.

Commitment to Client Success

Ultimately, we judge ourselves on our ability to help charter schools succeed. Our services and expertise are wide-ranging. We help charter school founders create a budget and provide the accounting and business operations necessary to run their school. For other schools, we help find the best school facilities possible and structure the financing package to bring the vision to reality. We also provide sophisticated technology and accounting systems for charter schools, helping to direct resources and attention to the classroom.

ExED Voices

“ExED was founded in the early days of the charter school movement, and we’ve been a forceful advocate for school reform ever since. We’ve witnessed innovative charter schools and the dedicated educators behind them change the lives of literally thousands of students and families.”

Anita Landecker, President & CEO

Client Success Story
EJE Academies Charter School

The consistently high-achieving EJE Academies has matured and expanded with support from ExED’s full suite of business services. Read more.