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CFO Services: The Full-Service Chief Financial Officer for Charter Schools

Every school needs reliable financial expertise to stay strong. Our team of specialists provides a wide array of services with the unrivaled personal care and attention to detail that define our work. As a result, charter school leaders can focus on their central mission: educating students and creating thriving learning communities.

Core Financial Services

ExED provides comprehensive financial services to keep charter schools running smoothly.

Budgeting, Financial Reporting and Forecasting
We partner with clients to develop realistic budgets and financial plans that help schools reach their short- and long-term strategic objectives. Once planning is complete, our ongoing financial reporting helps schools make sound operational decisions and allows for effective board oversight. Read more.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
ExED provides a full range of valuable accounting services to ensure that our client schools maintain accurate, reliable financial data and to safeguard their precious financial assets. Read more.

Cash Management
Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization. ExED helps our clients manage cash actively and effectively. Read more.

Payroll Processing and Retirement Reporting

Administering payroll and retirement benefits continues to become more difficult and cumbersome. ExED performs a wide range of payroll and retirement-related tasks, enabling schools to keep their primary focus on the classroom.

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Compliance and Data Management Services

Charter schools must comply with detailed and time-consuming reporting requirements to school districts and other government entities. ExED takes on much of the burden of swift, accurate compliance and data management.

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ExED Voices

“At ExED, we take a hands-on, collaborative approach with our clients, and promote best business practices so that more dollars are being directed to student achievement and not to overhead.”

Samira Estilai, Executive Vice President & COO