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Charter School Tools & Services

ExED reinforces our core business services with an array of additional offerings that promote sound management, cost-effective operations and meaningful oversight. We harness new technology and deep experience to keep charter schools running smoothly and efficiently.

ExED Online Marketplace

The ExED Online Marketplace is a convenient and powerful tool that saves client schools both time and money. This user-friendly service, unique to ExED, dramatically streamlines the purchase process and taps the collective power of our clients to offer school and office supplies at a deep discount.

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Accounting Portal

ExED’s Accounting Portal provides our client schools with secure online access to real-time accounting information such as vendor activity reports, check register, and general ledger. Clients can also access school-specific documents such as financial reports, cash position reports, budgets, audits, bylaws, and policies. As a further service, the Accounting Portal also provides a knowledge base of sample documents and templates.

Compliance Newsletter

ExED helps client schools meet their extensive compliance requirements by distributing a monthly newsletter that offers important compliance-related news updates and information. The newsletter alerts schools to upcoming compliance deadlines and specifies which tasks must be completed by schools and which will be completed by ExED. The newsletter also includes a helpful compliance calendar.

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Financial Oversight Toolkit and Charter School Fiscal Policies

ExED offers client schools a valuable Financial Oversight Toolkit which shares our collective wisdom regarding financial oversight best practices, and includes primers on such topics as school roles and responsibilities, fraud and mismanagement, and 50 Smart Questions about financial management.

ExED has also developed sample fiscal policies to help charter schools implement sound fiscal management practices and ensure the responsible and efficient use of school resources.

Charter School Board Governance Support

Every charter school is governed by an independent board. Charter board members must ensure that schools have strong leadership, solid finances, and high academic standards. This governance structure is at the heart of developing and sustaining high quality charter schools that serve families from diverse communities across California. ExED provides governance support in four ways:

Recruitment: ExED continually seeks out and pursues individuals with the skills, interest, and time to serve on charter boards.

Matchmaking: ExED works one-on-one to introduce potential board members to school leaders seeking to enhance or expand the board.

Board Analysis: ExED works with charter school leaders to clarify the specific school governance needs for short-term and long-term success.

Training: ExED staff provides key governance trainings on critical board member fiscal and legal responsibilities.

Start-Up Services for New Charter Schools

ExED provides a wide variety of start-up services to help new charter schools launch successfully. We work with school leaders and boards during the application and petition processes, helping them to create budgets and understand all aspects of school finance.

Fraud Reporting Hotline and E-mail

ExED offers its clients and staff a hotline and e-mail address to report any concerns about fraud or internal controls. The hotline is staffed by an experienced external forensic accountant, Michael Ammermon.

ExED Voices

“Operating a charter school in today’s complex world requires expertise in many different fields. We’ve designed our support tools and services to empower school leaders to be successful.”

Tait Anderson, Executive Vice President

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“A catalyst for success.” Listen to ICEF Public Schools CEO Parker Hudnut discuss the value of ExED’s services.