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Charter School Procurement ExED Online Marketplace

ExED has partnered with SpendBridge to offer a customized procure-to-pay solution to meet the specific needs of our charter school clients.

Thanks to the ExED Online Marketplace, our clients:

Save money on office supplies, school supplies, and technology purchases

Save time with electronic creation and submission of purchase orders, electronic invoice approval workflow, and the elimination of paper filing

Improve purchase decisions given better visibility to expenditure data

Reduce staff reimbursements

The Online Marketplace system has three primary components:

Purchasing and Expenditure Management

The service offers extensive catalogs of discounted office products, school supplies, and educational resources from leading national suppliers. ExED has integrated the price discounts from national government contracts and CCSA’s Charter Advantage program directly into our procurement site. Further, by offering an electronic purchase requisition process, the Online Marketplace reduces the need for paper-based purchase orders.

Approval Process Management

The service features an efficient invoice management process that allows school staff to receive and route invoices electronically for approval, run reports to view payment status, and access historical copies of invoices electronically. The service eliminates the need to compile physical accounts payable packages and the physical filing of invoices.

Data Management and Reporting

The service provides real-time access to critical purchasing data, including invoice approval status, invoice payment status, and encumbrance data.